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Littlest Kid On The Field Trucks Lineman – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Littlest Kid On The Field Trucks Lineman – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Every now and then, I see a youth sports video showing a massive kid trucking over an entire team of hapless defenders. Parents and coaches are shouting “oohs” and “ahs” as the kid runs through children a third his size.

Personally, I find these videos annoying. There’s nothing to see. Place an 8th-grade sized kid with a bunch of 3rd graders, and yeah, he’s going to run them over. Surprise, surprise. While we’re at it, let’s watch Vin Diesel box a 120 lb high school freshman.

When I began the above video, I was expecting something similar. You can imagine my surprise when the smallest kid on the field trucked the opposing team’s lineman (okay, fine, I know it was actually the linebacker). The would-be tackler was sporting some major size advantage after all.

It’s just one play in a youth sport’s game, but watching the clip, it honestly plays out like your typical, entirely unbelievable Hollywood sports-clip. There is just no realistic chance that small of a kid is going to RUN OVER the other team… not to mention, follow it up with an ankle-breaking juke and a nasty stiff arm.

And yet, somehow, that little dude pulled it off.

Touché little dude… touché.


If you don’t want to be on Youtube getting trucked by our aforementioned little dude, check out this free course on tackling and defensive technique from Don Bosco’s state-title-winning coaches.


Michael Jordan + Tom Brady + Bahamas Trash Talk = Internet Gold

Michael Jordan + Tom Brady + Bahamas Trash Talk = Internet Gold

The man was always a competitor, and at 52 years old, Michael Jordan’s trash talk game is keeping up with his mid-range J.

It’s not often you see legends from different sports playing a “casual” game of pickup basketball together, but I suppose the Bahamas are a unique sort of wonderful. Tom Brady and Michael Jordan on the same team? I got my money on that squad.

As you can tell from this clip, even if you weren’t into the game itself, the entertainment value of Jordan’s trash talk would have made this a can’t-miss spectacle.

In just a 20 second clip, we get this golden line from Jordan:

“Hey man, do you guys still have Youtube? ‘Cause you better put on ‘Michael Jordan’ for real.”

Pure gold…

10 Long-Distance Basketball Shots You Won’t Believe Went In

10 Long-Distance Basketball Shots You Won’t Believe Went In

Send it up with a heave and a prayer.

Gotta love it when these go in. Nothing like an extra 3 points to end a quarter.

This is the type of shot you don’t practice (okay, you totally practice this shot) but on occasion, it goes your way.

If you’d like to practice your real basketball shot, check out this FREE shooting course from Jon Nedelcoff.


Soccer on a basketball court inside massive bubbles? Yes please!

Soccer on a basketball court inside massive bubbles? Yes please!

If you like soccer, but want more epic body slams, this is the sport for you!

To be honest, I have no clue what it’s called. Let’s go with Super Slam Soccer. But whatever the name is, I want in! It looks pretty epic and most everyone has access to a court or field where this could be played.

Then again, it also looks like an ACL tear waiting to happen…

Well, just make sure your insurance is updated and then go ahead and start slamming.

Btw, if you’re interested in getting better at actual soccer, check out this online soccer course from legend Mia Hamm for just $10.


Or, check out these free soccer training strategies inspired by the Dutch National Team.


Jump Rope World Record Holder – This Girl’s Feet Barely Move

Jump Rope World Record Holder – This Girl’s Feet Barely Move

Update: Youtube’s embedding seems to be down – check out the direct link here.

Nowadays, there’s a world record available for anything imaginable.

And apparently, the ability to jump through a rope faster than anyone in the world is a skill this girl was committed to having.

Watch the video. I can barely see her feet moving at all. She cranks out 162 rotations in just 30 seconds.

That’s insane. I can barely get hit 2 jumps per second, and this athlete is landing an incredible 5.4.

If you’ve ever wanted to jump rope like the Flash, take notes.

And if you’re just interested in improving your sports performance, check out this free course on CoachTube.


Don’t Miss The Most Iconic Photo In Sports History

Don’t Miss The Most Iconic Photo In Sports History

Let’s start this off with a question.

What is the most iconic photo in sports history?

You’ll probably get a different answer from every person you ask, but that’s why we have the internet – so we can ask everyone at once.

Here’s your response. These are your pics for the most iconic photos in sports history.

Michael Clinches 6


1998 – Michael Jordan shoots the game winning basket against the Utah Jazz to clinch his 6th NBA Championship.

Bobby Orr Celebrates


1970 – Bobby Orr celebrates after scoring the game-winning, overtime goal to win the Boston Bruins their first Stanly Cup in 29 years.

Jack Nicklaus Becomes Oldest Player To Ever Win Masters


1986 – Jack Nicklaus celebrates making a putt en route to a 65 shot Sunday that would earn him his 18th professional major and the distinction of oldest player (46) to ever win the Masters.

Havlicek Stole The Ball


1965 – John Havlicek steals the 76er’s inbound pass to send the Boston Celtic’s to the NBA Finals.

The Greatest Game Ever Played


1958 – Alan Ameche bulldozes in for the game-winning, overtime touchdown, handing the Baltimore Colts the NFL Championship in the “Greatest Game Ever Played.”

Winning The World Cup


1999 – Brandi Chastain celebrates after scoring the deciding penalty kick in Team USA’s World Cup victory over China.

Kerri Sticks The Landing


1996 – Kerri Strug is carried to the podium by her coach after sticking her vault landing, despite an injured ankle, to secure Team USA their first ever Olympic Gold Medal in Women’s Gymnastics.

Hank Aaron Passes Babe Ruth


1974 – Hank Aaron hits home run No. 715, surpassing Babe Ruth as the all-time home run leader.

The Catch


1982 – Dwight Clark catches Joe Montana’s touchdown pass to beat the Dallas Cowboys and send the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XVI.

Ali vs Liston

Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston, 1965 World Heavyweight Title

1965 – Muhammad Ali after knocking out Sonny Liston in the first round to defend his heavyweight championship.

It’s not too late to chime in!

Tell us your pick for the most iconic photo in the comments.

This Guy’s Designs Are Making NFL Helmets Look Like Relics

This Guy’s Designs Are Making NFL Helmets Look Like Relics

Some like the classics. Some like to get crazy.

I think we can all agree that with time, even the best looks become a bit outdated.

Dee Yung, a graphic designer from Oklahoma, has taken upon himself the task of modernizing the NFL via a fresh lineup of helmet designs. Some of these designs hold fairly true to the originals. Some are… fascinating… to say the least.

Regardless, these new designs make some of the NFL’s current helmets look like relics of the past. Check ’em out!

What do you think? Awesome? Awful? Somewhere in between?

Lets us know in the comments.


We are Officially Launched! CoachTube Press Release

We are Officially Launched! CoachTube Press Release

CoachTube Offers Athletes Unique Access to World-Class Coaches

On Demand Courses Provide Opportunities for Athletes to Improve their Game

AUSTIN, Texas (February 12, 2015) —, the first and only two-sided marketplace for aspiring athletes and parent coaches, announced its official launch today with over 200 courses already available. founder Wade Floyd, along with his team of industry experts, created this sports-focused video course platform with both athletes and coaches in mind. The rapidly growing site enables athletes to learn skills and techniques on-demand from some of the world’s leading coaches in their respected sports.

“I created for the kid in me that wished I could have learned from the best growing up. The expensive sports camps were not in my parent’s budget, so it just made sense to create an affordable option for aspiring athletes of all ages. After talking to hundreds of coaches, from pros to parent volunteers, I realized the impact CoachTube could have in today’s online-learning atmosphere, especially because there isn’t an online marketplace for coaching and learning sports skills like there is in academic and technology learning,” Floyd, said. “Growing up, I often wondered why there wasn’t a place online where the best coaches from each sport could showcase their talents. What I’ve learned in the process of building this site, is that my curiosity was shared by other coaches who not only wanted to share their knowledge of the game, but also to help other athletes reach their goals.” empowers athletes by giving them unique access to talented coaches who can help them improve their specific skill set. Parents can make world-class training available to their children at an affordable price, choosing from hundreds of experienced coaches, each committed to helping athletes reach their full potential. The platform simultaneously empowers coaches to take their brand to the next level and impact a vastly larger audience. Coaches can set course prices, with demand driving the optimal price point, choose to donate all proceeds to their foundation or simply make their videos available for free. covers the technical operations, distribution, and even marketing, allowing coaches to simply do what they do best—coach.

“I have spent the past 30 years coaching tennis and influencing the best players in the world, from Venus and Serena Williams to former top-ranked Brazilian, Gustavo Kerten,” comments Oscar Wegner, famed tennis coach and founder of The Modern Tennis Methodology. “Now, is helping me deliver my revolutionary tennis techniques to a whole new generation of future pros.” enables coaches to disseminate useful content, without having to worry about technology, distribution costs or marketing, all while providing the opportunity to supplement their income or to donate funds to their favorite charity. makes it easy to create and share premium content with audiences anywhere in the world at an affordable rate, allowing anyone to access CoachTube from their desktop, laptop or even a smart phone.

Currently, features the following sports: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cricket, fitness, football, golf, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, running, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, softball, sports performance, swimming, tennis, track & field, volleyball, wrestling and yoga. Courses in additional sports will be added as the site’s network of expert coaches continues to grow.

Featured coaches on include: Matt Nokes (baseball), Koran Godwin (basketball), Oscar Wegner (tennis), Dr. Hal Wissel (basketball), Mike Hollis (football), Scott Newman (soccer), Carl Adams (wrestler), Jerry Weinstein (baseball). For more information about CoachTube, visit


To schedule an interview with Wade Floyd, please contact Jennie Whitaker at 512-215-8977 or by email,

About, created in 2014 and founded by Austin-based entrepreneur Wade Floyd, provides an online opportunity for coaches to give every athlete in the world access to the instruction, knowledge, and motivation they need to grow and progress as athletes. provides access to training from some of the world’s best coaches in the form of on-demand video courses that can be taken anywhere, at any time.